Will Villa - Calle Nueva York - Album Presskit

Globetrotting Producer & Creative Entrepreneur

Infused into Will Villa’s music are the multicultural influences that define his life.The Colombian born, European educated DJ, producer, and entrepreneur is well known
for his blending of many genres into one seamless musical journey through different parts of his life and the world he created.
A mix of electronic crispness, tropical rhythms, and the urban roughshod of New York City, comprises Will Villa’s signature sound.
Beyond his musical project Will also is the founder of the New York-based Startup SQRZ Media, offering a wide range of services in the field of content creation, marketing strategy, and label services through a recently signed cooperation with The Orchard/Sony as distribution and IP management partner.

Will´s story

Read more on how I started as a sound engineer, worked with major artists from the latin music market and started my label in New York City

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