Will Villa - Calle Nueva York - Album Presskit

Multimedia Producer & Creative Entrepreneur

Infused into Will Villa’s music are the multicultural influences that define his life. The Colombian born, European educated DJ, Producer, and Entrepreneur is well known for his blending of many genres into one seamless musical journey.

A mix of electronic crispness, tropical rhythms, and the urban roughshod of Medellin, Berlin, and New York comprises Will Villa’s signature sound.

Beyond his music, Will´s mission is to bring great talent together and to connect the many worlds that he is part of.

To make this possible, Will founded SQRZ Agency, a creative agency helping Content Creators and Brands during their journey from Ideation to Creation and Release.

WIll Dumbo

SQRZ Agency

I had been to NY before, but this time was different. I wasn´t interested in the skyline or cocktail parties. I wanted to produce a...

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The birth of Will Villa

After disembarking from my first contract, I had some money to invest in myself, so I started recording a lot of music. I traveled to...

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A New Hope

It seemed like, as she arrived in heaven, she sent her angels to help me through this time. On the day of the funeral, I...

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During the next few years, I promoted a lot of concerts and toured with lots of different artists. I was touring all the time, doing...

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