During the next few years, I promoted a bunch of concerts and toured with another bunch of people. I wanted to tour all the time, so I did every job I could, merchandiser, rowdy, assistant, manager, whatever it takes.
Eventually, I moved to Berlin. One of the guys of Culcha Candela broke up with the band and was looking to start something new. So we teamed up with a studio owner from Kreuzberg and started Berlin Dreams Entertainment.

We recorded a lot of demos during this time. The most memorable ones must have been Mil Santos, Paco Mendoza or Lucry & Niqo. Our regular events in some of the hotspots of Berlin featured upcoming Latin headliners like Choc Quib Town, Notch, Tres Coronas, Raggabund, or Yeyo. Times were developing really really well for me. I wasn´t making much money, but I was working on my craft daily.

Eventually, things started breaking apart. Disagreements in the company, an uncomfortable living situation, and the diagnosis of mom´s cancer were reasons for me to make a cut and leave Berlin.
I went back home, to Hasalaha, It was not an easy time, working a part-time job in a call center agent and finishing my Bachelor studies. Besides my home studio, there wasn´t all too much music during at this moment.

I could impossibly have predicted what a crazy touring schedule was expecting me. I guess at some point I was just at the right place at the right time. I received a call from Silvia Guevara, who needed urgently a Tour manager for the tour of a legendary artist starting 3 days ahead. I felt I had suddenly made it into the major league, touring with Totó La Momposina all over Europe. This was the beginning of a long collaboration with Conga Management, which led me to tour through more than 15 countries, and work with a roaster of highest tier artist like Totó, Calle 13 or Tego Calderon.

Touring as FOH-technician for a Major Artist - Toto La Momposina

Behind the scenes touring with major artists

I always feared not being home when something happens. I guess all of us touring artists have to live with this. I took the first flight home from Stockholm when my mother was admitted to the hospital. I made it home to say goodbye.