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Welcome to Calle Nueva York

Calle Nueva York is the path I  walked searching for the person I want to become. 

In this blog I will share some stories from my travels as a touring audio professional. Working in the Entertainment industry brought me to more than 50 countries on 4 continents. 

In the last decade we shared our sound with hundred thousands of people. I travelled by any means to get to the show, by car, train, bus, plane or ship. And every night was special in itself. 



Medellin Poblado Calle Nueva York

First Things first

Our Trip to Miami was really inspiring. Back home I was DJing at my friend’s parties and at school events. After tenth grade I dropped out of school. In Germany, this is called Mittlere Reife, which is not exactly a dropout, but you can´t easily continue studying. But I was determined that I wanted to go back home to Colombia.

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Centro Nutibara Calle Nueva York

Not too fast, not too furious

Medellin in the 80s was a nice place, if you could escape all madness around it. Fortunately my fathers work for a german company allowed us to live in a comfortable situation. Nevertheless the happenings of this era were very drastic and lastly my family decided to move back to my fathers Home town Haßloch, a small village in the south of Germany.

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