Our Trip to Miami was really inspiring. Back home I was DJing at my friend’s parties and at school events. After tenth grade, I dropped out of school. In Germany, this is called Mittlere Reife, which is not exactly a dropout, but you can´t easily continue studying. But I was determined that I wanted to go back home to Colombia.

I needed to find back to my roots and to my culture, so I told my parents that I wanted to go back to Medellin, an unusual wish in the early 2000s. My mother understood me. She knew what it was like being torn apart from her country. She was traveling on a regular base, so she would still see me every once in a while.
So my parents supported my decision, but the deal was that I finish school in Colombia and pursue a university degree. On one of her trips, my mom looked for a school that was suited for me. She couldn´t have been more wrong about the type of school I would have chosen.
In Colombia, there are a lot of private schools, and calculating the rate from Euro to Pesos it didn´t seem like a huge investment to send me to one. And I hated it.
So I went to visit my new school. Medellin is a big valley, called el Valle de Aburrá, My uncle used to live near the city center, and of course, this private school was way up the hill in rich-people neighborhood. I went with a taxi, but even though that´s quite cheap in Colombia, driving there every day would be too expensive. Anyway, I checked out the school and met some of my classmates. Luckily there was this kid Ivan, who turned out to be my neighbor, and he also had a car. Check, paying him a weekly fee I had a daily ride.
So, it was time to meet the other kids. It was my first time in Private School, in Germany, this is not really a thing. One of the kids turned out to be the son of a high executive. His bodyguards would wait around the school while he was inside. Some of the cars picking up the kids would have polarized windows. In Medellin, it was not legal to polarize the windows of cars. This law hoped to prevent people from being shot out of a moving car. Anyway, I met some of the other Kids, Ivan, Isa, and Camilo, this was my new crew. But none of them was really into music.
Medellin Poblado Calle Nueva York
The First thing I did after getting back to my uncle’s place was to get the yellow pages and search for the letters D..J…
And there it was DJ Center, a school for DJs.
So I went to the Parque Lleras, which is where most of the bars and clubs are located, and looked for DJ Center. On the reception, I met DJ Spot, the owner of the place, and some other DJs who were hanging out there.
They all were a little surprised to see me. It was unusual at the time to meet European looking people, but as I spoke in our Paisa accent they seemed even more confused. This still happens today, I guess I am a bit like a chameleon.
Anyway, I asked about the classes and of course, they also wanted to know more about me. I told him that I am actually a turntable´ist and that scratching and juggling was kind of my thing, so of course, he challenged me to a DJ Battle. I didn´t have any records with me, so I asked him for some good sample records. He started mixing and doing some baby scratches, I quickly realized that these were electro guys. They didn´t come from mixing HipHop Records. I turned up a beat he gave me. It was way too fast, it was some type of tribal Edm. After Pitching it down to -10% it had a nice groovy vibe to scratch on. I took the other record and started scratching melodically with various techniques. Curbs, Chaps, Forwards. All the other DJ stopped what they were doing and came to enjoy the session. There were not many DJs in Colombia familiar with the art of Turntable´ism, so they offered me a job as a Trainer to teach how to scratch on vinyl. I still wanted to take some classes so I booked the EDM production course and started hanging out in DJ Center.
Medellin Parque Centro - Calle Nueva York

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