Medellin Poblado Calle Nueva York

First Things first

Our Trip to Miami was really inspiring. Back home I was DJing at my friend’s parties and at school events. After tenth grade I dropped out of school. In Germany,...

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Centro Nutibara Calle Nueva York

Not too fast, not too furious

Medellin in the 80s was a nice place, if you could escape all madness around it. Fortunately my fathers work for a german company allowed us to live in a...

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WIll Dumbo

SQRZ Agency

I had been to NY before, but this time was different. I wasn´t interested in the skyline or cocktail parties. I wanted to produce a Hit Song and fulfill my...

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IMG 4466

The birth of Will Villa

After disembarking from my first contract, I had some money to invest in myself, so I started recording a lot of music. I traveled to many places looking for the...

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1 copy

A New Hope

It seemed like, as she arrived in heaven, she sent her angels to help me through this time. On the day of the funeral, I received a call from a...

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R0A9777 2


During the next few years, I promoted a lot of concerts and toured with lots of different artists. I was touring all the time, doing every job I could, merchandiser,...

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IMG 2721 2


I was born in Medellin. We moved to a small town in the south of Germany when I was a child. It was a very different world. We were the...

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