A New hope

It seemed like, as she arrived in heaven, she sent her angels to help me through this time. On the day of the funeral, I received a call from a Colombian TV Station who had found me through a mutual contact to propose to me starring one of 9 episodes of Antioqueños de Mundo, a show about Artists from Medellin who are representing the culture abroad.
A few days later, we started shooting for the next weeks. The documentary accompanies me through the production of my first single and video and shows some behind the scenes from touring with a major artist.

Inside me, I was still searching for the person who I sought to become. I wanted to get to places. I wanted to find a way out.
So I went to LA for the summer trying to meet my idols. The producers of the big Hit Records, like Dave Pensado, Al Schmitt, or Ken Lewis. The advice I took home was golden.
Somebody told me that if I wanted to make it in America, first I needed to go to my country and create something remarkable, something that would make me stand out, and only then I should come back to approach the masters. But how could I create some remarkable? Where should I even start? And how would I get the money? This was confusing advice.
As I was searching for answers, walking down Santa Monica Pier, I saw cruise ships sailing through the ocean into the horizon.
I thought this could be an idea. Don´t these guys need people to work? Seemed like a good way to save money and invest it into my project.

So I applied and a few weeks later I started the safety training and departed on my first cruise. Everything was so exciting and so big! So many decks, venues, restaurants, casinos, pools, and people, so many people. And so many new colleges, who are all these people? Alone in the entertainment team, we were around 60 people, including Singers, Musicians, Dancer, Areal Artists, Actors, Technicians, and Manager.
I was the second sound operator, responsible for all the small events and the main events on the pool. It was crazy, some days we would have 9 events in the heat of the sun of the South Asian sea. And despite the stress, the 80 hour work weeks, regular drills and exercises, it was an unbelievable time, waking up every day in a different country.
Later I would become the First Sound Operator, and then Officer leading the team of theater technicians.
Until I did my last contract I got to travel to more than 50 countries on 4 continents, and produce more than 2000 shows for a few hundred thousand people.
This was the birth of Will Villa

Artist Portrait “Antioqueños de mundo”

The birth of Will Villa