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Medellin Poblado Calle Nueva York

First Things first

Our Trip to Miami was really inspiring. Back home I was DJing at my friend’s parties and at school events. After tenth grade I dropped out of school. In Germany, this is called Mittlere Reife, which is not exactly a dropout, but you can´t easily continue studying. But I was determined that I wanted to go back home to Colombia.

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Centro Nutibara Calle Nueva York

Not too fast, not too furious

Medellin in the 80s was a nice place, if you could escape all madness around it. Fortunately my fathers work for a german company allowed us to live in a comfortable situation. Nevertheless the happenings of this era were very drastic and lastly my family decided to move back to my fathers Home town Haßloch, a small village in the south of Germany.

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