I had been to NY before, but this time was different. I wasn´t interested in the skyline or cocktail parties. I wanted to produce a Hit Song and fulfill my dream of working with the Masters. I reached out to the man himself, Mr. Ken Lewis.
So I took the NJ Transit to meet him in his studio outside the city. He picked me up from the train station and we went up to the studio. The walls didn´t have enough space to hang all of his gold and platinum records.
We sat down in front of the SSL-Board and he played my demo of Curura on the studio speakers as I told him the story of Totó La Momposina and what this song means to me.
Over the years many collaborations with Ken and his projects would come to life, but for now, I would just get back to the ship and keep on working to make y few bucks to invest in myself. 

Eventually, I came back to New York. After traveling to so many destinies around the world, NY seemed like the only place that would bring it all together and allows you to be whoever you want to be.

And this is who I want to be.

Somebody who brings dreams to life.

This is why I launched SQRZ Media. A full-service creative agency for content creators.

The hardest part of launching an artistic project is bringing it all together, from conception, execution, and monetization. As an artist, it has always been the highest priority for me to keep control of my work, which is why I was never interested in approaching a big label type of deal.


I believe music companies and artists in the digital age need to explore new business models and tools. Content is king, but without a concise strategy to monetize it, it just becomes another piece of information in the endless world of web. 

Every story is a different story to tell. Reach out and tell me yours…

Not too fast, not too furious

First Things first