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SQRZ – The Future of Events

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A short recap

I left home about six years ago, to wander through the unknown, aiming to find whom I sought to become.

My curiousness for art and technology showed me a new way to explore the world, finding myself in New York City, to learn how to dream the American way, and to figure out how I can make an Impact myself.

The problems of the pandemic have shown the need for new solutions.  The Event Industry is in great danger and requires new ways and technologies to comply with the norms of tomorrow.

For this reason we developed the SQRZ App – a solution for the Event Industry of the Future.

This is an Invitation to contribute to the SQRZ Project by becoming and Investor or a Promoter.

SQRZ - A project Overview

SQRZ is a living Event Map designed to point you to today´s Event, Happy Hour, or Live Music Performance. SQRZ makes it easy to sign up for a venue´s Guest List and navigate freely within the COVID-19 guidelines.

Watch our Promo Trailer

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The Future of Events

Lockdowns have shuttered the global economy, hitting the event industry with never before seen problems. 
While we hope to start reopening our cities this summer, the event community unfortunately still has many hurdles to overcome before operating regularly again.
COVID-19 Regulations and Guidelines are changing the event landscape for ever.
Venues and Promoter are now required to keep track of theirs guests and to be able to make data available to health departments within 30 days
Reports of misuse of personal data are a reminder that new solutions are required to comply with the event world of tomorrow. 
SQRZ makes it easy for your visitors to sign up to your guest list.
Personal data will be encrypted on our servers and deleted after 30 days. 

Milestones & Accomplishments

We are proud to announce that despite the difficulties we have been able to accomplish some important goals, such as hiring our core team and developing our prototype

See here an estimate of our process

Development of the SQRZ App 70%

So far we have a working prototype (Map, Squares, Events, Location). Next steps are: User Login, Design Elements

Hire the SQRZ Team 85%

So far we have our core team covering the fields R&D, Finance & Compliance, Marketing and Business Development. We are always looking for further freelance talent for special projects.

Build the SQRZ Website 100%

The SQRZ Website is launched. Also the company website SQRZ.Agency is online.

Build the SQRZ Brand Assets (Promotional Content) 60%

So far the SQRZ Branding is defined. All necessary Channels are set and some initial content pieces are produced. 

Get Funding

Since I started this, my focus  has been growing my professional network and tapping into a community of investors and entrepreneurs.  Anxiously I have anticipated the moment I would feel ready to approach investors to become part of this company. Today I am comfortable  onboarding investors, knowing we are capable and prepared to take this project to the next level. 

Other notable accomplishments

  • Featured Startup @ Collision Conference 2020
  • Partnership with The Orchard/Sony (IP-Management & Marketing)
  • Partnership with Fundable / Startups.com (Fundable Campaign launching soon)

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