After disembarking from my first contract, I had some money to invest in myself, so I started recording a lot of music. I traveled to many places looking for the right musicians to feature my songs. I was still searching to find my signature sound.
It was in Bogotá, where I met Totó to ask her if she would honor me with re-recording her classic Hit Song Curura, a song, covered amongst the highest tiers of artists like Timbaland, Michel Cleist, J Balvin, Major Lazer, and many more.
But I didn´t want this to be just another remix of the sample. We recorded everything from scratch. We went to record in Audiovision Estudios. Mauricio Cano, who inspired me to become an engineer was still working there. He recorded our session, it was pure magic.

We went to Cartagena to record the video clip. The Casting for the dancers was in Bogotá though. The Arts university ACAB was so kind as to sponsor my project with free rehearsing space and access to top talent.
Margarida Martins joined me as Choreographer and we did my very first casting in the university halls. More than 80 people came, it was crazy. We picked 6 of them and rehearsed in the halls of the university late at night.
Then we flew over to Cartagena on the coast. It was super hot and we didn´t have much time. The night before the first shooting a tropical thunderstorm was coming up. Heavy rains made it a bit difficult to plan ahead. Luckily when we woke up the next morning the storm passed by and the sky was blue. At 6 a.m we took the typical little boats from Cartagena to get to Tierra Bomba, a small island we a beautiful view of the city skyline. The next day we recorded in Getzemani, in the city center and a day later I send everybody back home and stayed for a few days in Cartagena. The job was done, now I had to get back to the ship to get some money for the release.

Will Villa ft. Totó La Momposina - Ay Curura (Official Video)

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